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Using crowdsourcing as an alternative to hiring to give your business an edge

When it comes to crowdsourcing, this new wave of thinking can be an innovative way for companies to get a headstart while not spending too much on a certain talent pool of employees. Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of company directives to the public at large. It is great for small businesses because there is no need to worry about employee hiring or certain demands in higher compensation and wages. Crowdsourcingdoes not require any pension plans, unions, 401ks or other potential issues that will provide a distraction as companies are debuting to the public. A small business can focus on serious business matters while being able to expand and enhance their brand.

Opportunity for Individuals to Assist Businesses
Outsourcing jobs to the public also gives people a chance to do some extra work while not having to go through a rigid hiring process. Individuals can make money by giving opinions, brainstorming, or voting and companies that contract the public to do work for them are providing a new way that people can be earn. It is a simple and direct way of getting work accomplished while being able to give quick job opportunities and money to the larger population. More companies are realizing that it is cheaper to outsource their jobs and projects to people who otherwise may not have had a chance if they went through a normal hiring process.

Outsourcing can be done both offline and online, but with online crowdsourcing also comes a wider array of talent. People who accomplish certain projects for companies may soon realize their full potential when working on projects. These will also benefit companies because they are out not confined to the drawn out hiring process and now have the chance to use skilled people who can end up being a great asset to the company. Outsourcing can also lead to more stable job opportunities and a chance for people to gain a new form of self-employment. Since more companies are outsourcing, many people in the public can have a chance to earn full time income. This means freedom to manage one’s own time, and this is great for those who are struggling to pay bills or are out of work.

Companies can provide this service to the larger public because it is a wider pool for businesses to tap into. There are drawbacks with outsourcing since companies cannot fully control the work that contractors do on their own watch, but it is still a way of getting a project done quicker while giving people a chance to prove themselves. In a way, outsourcing is like a test; businesses can give a project to someone who has the chance of proving they are capable of handling tasks and meeting deadlines. It is a way for workers to prove themselves instead of simply talking about how wonderful they would do during a job interview. Companies can give jobs to local individuals and do not have to outsource jobs to other countries. This gives a chance for businesses to get work done faster while still employing and tapping into the talent of a local populace.


Our three translation services guarantees to reach next level of customer satisfaction

As an owner of over 7 million registered users on the top crowdsourcing site on the Internet, nothing brings us more joy than to announce three solid guarantees for our expert translation services that we offer to the employers of small businesses. This includes no-questions asked refund, guaranteed employer satisfaction, and a less than twenty-four hour turnaround time.

We have recently launched a revolutionary translation services model as part of our commitment to offer a one-stop shop of solutions in effort to eliminate the need to request quotes from translation agencies. With over 100,000 highly skilled translatorsin over 10 languages throughout the world, we possess all the necessary talent to handle translation needs through our state-of-the-art website. Nowadays, employers are recognizing through the safe handling of all of their small business needs, we can also be relied on to address their translation requests which includes three main guarantees.

These strong guarantees relate to each translation job posted in our marketplace. If a provider is not found or the one found produces unsuitable results, the employer’s prepaid money will be completely refunded with no extraneous fees. Our 100% money back guarantee is part of each translation job posted on our site.

Secondly, each employer receives personalized attention from one of our dedicated Account Managers to ensure their unaltered success and help employers feel comfortable with the job posting process. Our goal is for each user to have a successful experience on our site, free from confusion resulting in a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Lastly, we have instituted a twenty-four hour guarantee, ensuring each translation jobcontaining less than 300 words will receive multiple final translations in less than twenty-four hours. For jobs that contain more than 300 words, each employer will receive multiple sample translations in twenty-four hours or less to help decide on a provider.

“Seeing results within 24 hours is important to our clients and we made it our priority as well. It is in our guarantee as we firmly believe speed and efficiency will strengthen our relationship with our client base,” says Zhou Lei, Witmart CEO. “We offer this 100% guarantee so clients are comfortable coming to us for translation needs as well as other jobs they need completed.”

We stand uniformly behind our three-tier guarantee and advise any employer to our Contact Us form or toll free phone number to expedite any concern they may have. Our expert translation service is one of many features that we offer to small businesses to help them complete all of their needs under one roof and we take pride in each job we receive.

Marketing basics for small business

It’s the goal of every business, big or small, to attract customers and make as much money as humanly possible. It’s a very basic premise, but one that can generally only be achieved by some solid marketing. While the end goals may be the same, themarketing strategies of big and small business are completely different. It goes without saying that a small business simply doesn’t have the advertising budget of the big names, which means they have to find ways to get the word out without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways that the small business can effectively market their products and services to the consumer.

marketing basicsMany small business owners start their company after many years with a larger entity, but the first thing they have to understand is that they can’t market like big companies. Often times, bigger businesses advertise in order to build name recognition, but as a small business owner you have to be concerned with attracting customers immediately. The best way to do that is to offer a discount or promotion of some sort within your ads.

The same rules apply if your business offers a service as opposed to physical products. A good way to attract new business is to offer your service at a cheaper rate than your competitors. For example, if you own a carpet cleaning business, you might consider throwing in a free room in the price. On the flipside, you might also consider offering a premium version of your service. To use the carpet cleaning again, an idea of a premium service might also include steam cleaning drapes and furniture.

If you are sticking with traditional methods of marketing alongside your social media efforts, you might consider sending out a small postcard to homes in your surrounding area. Direct mail marketing is still an incredibly effective way to advertise and can be used to provide offers, discounts, or even just information about your website. You might just be very surprised at the traffic boost your site receives by using this particular method.

marketingSocial media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are now an essential part of any marketing strategy. It’s the perfect way to “talk” directly to your customers to find out how your business can improve. The great news is that social media marketing is free for the most part and can actually lead to a viral word of mouth campaign that can really provide a huge boost to your bottom line. This is in effect a way of setting up a partnership with your customers, for which they should be rewarded. Businesses often make the mistake of catering to new customers and somewhat forgetting about the old. Let your regular customers know that you care about them by offering discounts that will only benefit them. That could be in the form of a discount or frequent buyer card. It’s a small token of appreciation that will keep them coming back for more and get them talking about your business to their friends.

Our proud announcement in reaching more than 7 Million ZBJ and WITMART users

At ZBJ Network, Inc., we’re excited to announce an exciting milestone this week as we’ve reached a combined 7 million registered users between our two freelance services websites, and This achievement makes us the largest online crowdsourcing service market for freelance experts skilled in logo design,website design, writing and translation services, and more, which is certainly something we are very proud of.

Together, Witmart and ZBJ provide employers and providers with the most reliable crowdsourcing marketplaceto post and find jobs. We have over 7 million users with skills from varying industries willing to provide and bid on jobs daily through our unique and innovative platform. Our two freelance sites focus on individual and business users for both professional and everyday services and provide the best solution to securely and easily complete work while coordinating transactions with our advanced internet-based technology.

We have made it easy for employers to post either a contract or contest job for providers to compete on. Through a contest job, employers have the luxury of getting multiple bids and choosing the one that fits their requirements best. Through a contract job, employers can narrow providers based on the qualifications they possess, including feedback, job history, and job completion date. Employers only pay when the job has been completed to their satisfaction.

“Both the functionality and amount of provider knowledge made evident through Witmart’s website made it extremely easy to post a new job and get a result that worked wonders, including added cultural elements weaved into our presentations. This was very well accepted by our Chinese hosts,” says a small business owner Jeff W. of Fort Bend, TX. “We felt very confident from beginning to end and we weren’t let down.”

We work hard to go the extra mile and put everything on the line to be certain each and every employer is satisfied with their efforts. At no time is your money at risk and is 100% refundable if the job does not meet the expectations you initially set forth. Searching for providers is simplified through our well-established Provider Profiling System, which helps you determine if a provider is ideal for your job. Each provider is required to participate in Identity Verification by phone or email to assure his or her standing.

Our goal is to offer extreme value and competitive pricing to receive solutions to meet your individual and business needs. With now over 7 million registered users, the talent pool has made us one of the top crowdsourcing solution firms available for all your outsourcing needs.

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Paying for high quality content through an article writing service

Across all walks of life the idea of throwing as few dollars as possible at a job or service to solve your issue has been contemplated. You cross your fingers and hope you will be fortunate enough to have everything work out in your favor. Truth is, sometimes it does but more times than not if you continue paying with pennies instead dollars, the percentages will not be on your side. This logic holds true for creating your very own website and purchasing content through article writing services. There’s the notion that some of the content you order using a cheap content provider will work out if you’re lucky enough to rope in a half decent writer. But in the grand scheme, it’s only a matter of time before you become disappointed in the work being delivered and realize it’s time to step up to the next level.

Building a Website
To build an engaging blog or website, the number one factor behind the success is the content. You’ve heard the term ‘content is king’. This couldn’t be more true. When you’re posting your content online, envision the first impression you’re making on your community of readers. First impressions are important and the ability to blow them away with off-the-charts content is what will keep them on your site, commit to your content through your RSS feed, or bookmark your site for future reference.

On the flip side, poor content is a dead giveaway and will kill your audience before they have a chance to navigate further throughout your site. Even if you have great content elsewhere, don’t let a smidge of poor content appear anywhere on your site, as readers will disassociate from your site and never return. Engage, engage, engage.

How to Identify Poor Writers

Identifying poor writing skills is fairly simple. If you take a risk on a low cost article writing service, chances are the writing will be shoddy and need major editing.

Major signs include:
– sentences that are incomplete, choppy, or non-sensical.
– run-on sentences and misspelled words
– obvious language barriers commonly seen from writers in countries without a good grasp of the American vocabulary
– receiving content that doesn’t accurately describe the topic you requested and is rushed
– instructions that are not followed, including keyword inclusion and density

How to Find Good Writers

The key is to not fall into the trap of disrespecting the readers of your site by hoping cheap content mills will win over your audience. Finding good writers is not hard, but will cost you more. However, your audience will love you for it and eventually your outsourcing costs will be negated with revenue made from your blog or website. Keep in mind, paying more per article will not guarantee you success, but will certainly give you a better chance of getting high quality work that you deserve.

The top ways to find good writers include:
– getting referrals from other successful website owners
– looking for fresh writers on a freelance services marketplace website
– searching the internet for reliable content providers and ones that will guarantee their work to your satisfaction
– placing an order on a popular crowdsourcing website and small samples of a topic sent to you for approval

You want your website to represent you as a person. You may not have the skills to write top notch content for your website and that is why there are established article writing services out there to assist you when needed. Be sure to build your website with the first impression being the number one priority of yours. Weed through the poor content providers and find the perfect writer that will bring out the words that you desperately want your audience to hear. You’ll know it when you see it and the life will be easier for it.

Behind the scenes: Love letters to be made into short films

(17th June 2013, Beijing time) Less than one out of ten people worldwide writes, or has written, love letters nowadays. This trend is broken by a love letter competition jointly organised by Witmart Group, the Tourism Board of Pengshui County, Chongqing, Time Fragments New Media Co., HKSTV, Chongqing Evening Paper, and the City Paper. More than 1,100 love letters, sent from Europe, America, and Asia, were collected within two weeks of the commencement of the competition. According to sources inside Witmart Group, this love letter competition has not only attracted the attention of the netizens, but also captured the interest of several media companies, including Time Fragments New Media Co.

Mr Zhenquan Hou, Vice President of Time Fragments New Media Co, is quoted as saying that the company’s Board of Directors are impressed by the behind-the-scene stories that led to the creation of those love letters, some of which are considered to be potential candidates for short films. The company has decided that six love letters and the stories behind them will be made into short films.

New media drama, the Board of Beauties, introduced by Time Fragments New Media in 2011, received more than 20 million views online and has garnered critical acclaim from the media industry as well as from the viewers. In 2011, Time Fragments New Media collaborated with Witmart Group to introduce the first Chinese interactive drama about Witkeys,Go Girl!.
Time Fragments New Media is seeking collaboration with Witmart Group again to produce a series of short films based on the love letters collected from the competition, with a focus on the stories behind those letters. The film-shooting will take place at Pengshui Autonomous County, widely acclaimed as the Healing Place for Love.

Pengshui County is located at the downstream of Wu River in southwest China. Among its tourist attractions are the Ayi River, Mowei Mountain, Anzi Hmong Village, and Yushan Old Town. Contestants who submit love letters to this competition stand a chance to win 100,000 yuan (USD 16,000), in addition to the opportunity of having their love stories turned into short films. This competition ends on 10th July 2014. Anyone interested in taking part in this competition can submit their Chinese love letters to or non-Chinese love letters to


Small business owners are notorious for doing it all. Whether it’s because of a lack of qualified staff, or a lack of money to pay them, these folks often find themselves Jacks (and Jills) of all trades. And while that arrangement might work for some, there’s bound to be times when the job is just too much for even the savviest of owners.

The power of many
And that’s where crowdsourcing comes in. Simply put, crowdsourcing takes the collective skills and abilities of a variety of professional talents and combines these with the power and reach of the Internet. The result is an online marketplace that allows people to sell their specialized services to the buyers that need them – often for less than “market rates”.

An array of opportunities
Here’s how it works. Jobs are posted by employers every day: freelance professionals are free to bid on these jobs for a specified period of time. Jobs can range from designing a logo, to building a website, or planning a marketing event – the range of job opportunities is almost endless.

Competition is king
Some of the work is available as a kind of contest – would-be workers submit their ideas for a shot at winning the specified “reward” that comes with the job. In this case, only the winner gets paid – the others are wiser for the experience. Another kind of job is a contract job: these are posted with the understanding that workers propose ideas and a budget to see the work to completion. Employers review the proposals and the related costs and choose the right worker based on fit and expectations.

Tap into talent
The advantages are clear: crowdsourcing for design and marketing allows small business owners to acquire the expertise they need when they need it. In a traditional work environment, these kind of specialized talents and qualifications are simply outside of the scope of small and even some medium-sized organizations.

Quick turnaround
What’s more, for small business, crowdsourcing makes the most of that precious commodity – time. From job post to job completion, contests can take as little as 7 days. (try that in the ‘real’ world!) Even complicated assignments can be parceled out so that projects are broken into meaningful, and measurable, tasks and milestones. Goals are set; tasks assigned; deadlines met!

Worldwide reach
Another key to the success of crowdsourcing is its ability to bring international capabilities to the small business “table”. Working with individual professionals in Australia, India, China or those European countries might not be on the radar for the average entrepreneur. But with crowdsourcing, a small business owner can “level the playing field” by hiring international specialists thus becoming more competitive with their larger, and more moneyed counterparts. Many websites offer a myriad of crowdsourcing services. In the realm of creative and marketing however, one site stands out:

Affordability without sacrifice
At Witmart, prices are lower than most other sites for comparable services. For logo design, for example, employers choose from a selection of packages that start as low as $99 and range up to $549 for the premium option. Not only are these prices sharp, Witmart also guarantees the number of designers that you can expect to submit ideas – the only site on the market that does this currently. And, just in case you’re still not convinced they also offer a money-back guarantee! You heard right – if you don’t love it, you don’t pay. Simple and hassle-free.

So the next time you need a marketing guru, but you don’t know where to start, start with crowdsourcing and harness the power of the crowd.

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How to Minimize Search Costs For Your Business

With 3G and wireless on-the-go, it’s hard to believe that the internet as we know it now was only introduced a little over 20 years ago. However, everything comes at a cost. For the benefit of accessibility of information, we pay the price of TMI–too much information.

Business owners know this problem only too intimately. For simple needs such as getting a logo designed for their business, the costs associated with searching for the right logo designer includes not only monetary costs, but also time and effort spent. Meanwhile, talented people are just stumbling through the same millions of webpages, hoping to find just the right job for themselves. A solution for this problem is long overdue.

At Witmart we try to minimize the search costs of businesses by offering millions of talents at their disposal. At the same time, the talents have a more assured way of finding the right employers. A recent case study at Witmart illustrates this point well.

Diane, an Employer in the U.S., was looking forward to a peaceful retirement. She bought a sailboat and renamed it. In need for a logo to be put on the boat, she came to Witmart. She posted a logo design job on Witmart and was pleased to see nearly dozens of unique designs submitted within a few days, reflecting the vast number of talents available at Witmart. They had paid specially attention to her job description, incorporating her preference for wines and champagne in most of the designs.

At the same time, Fenrui, a Provider, was searching for a job. As a designer, he needed jobs that allowed him to create value and meaning for both him and his customers. He submitted a bid for the logo design job with three different designs for the Employer to choose.

The moment the Employer set her eyes on one of them, she knew that was the one. She briefly discussed the logo with the designer. After four messages, the whole matter was settled: the Employer had found the perfect logo for her sailboat.

” I liked the design as soon as I saw it.”——Diane

The Provider was based in China, the Employer in U.S. Without a platform like Witmart, it is hard to imagine how they would be able to find each other in the internet with billions of users. Besides, there would be no guarantee that the customer would get a good piece of work or the designer would get paid.

With over 7 million freelancers with diverse skills in various industries and a safe transactional platform, Witmart serves as the ideal place for any business owners to start their search for the right talent.

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5 Steps To Learning Freelance Logo Design

Freelancing is hot business across the board right now, and all kinds of industries and sectors are demanding freelance work for a variety of reasons. Freelancers are highly flexible, highly mobile, and perform great work while being able to jump from project to project without much fanfare or employment issues.

As such, in a bad economy, freelancers are in high demand. The graphic design and logo design industries themselves are no different; flexible and hard-working freelancers can find great gigs and work hard to really make a name for themselves in learning and perfecting design. Here’s how to get started.

Get An Education
First step to learning freelance logo design is to get an education. Whether that is some type of apprenticeship with a designer or graphic artist, or a formal education at a school of art or a university, an education is critical when it comes to learning graphic and logo design, and the nuances, themes, and theories behind the designs.

Get The Tools
As a freelance logo designer, you are going to need the proper tools for the job. These days, it comes down to tools like Adobe Illustrator CS6 for graphic design, or for people with a Microsoft program, the CorelDRAW X6. Using these tools isn’t cheap; however, they are great investments in your money and time, and a complete requirement to learning the nuances of design. Plus, you can use these tools to experiment and become better at design in your own right before moving on to professional clients.

Experiment on Your Own
This one is a critical step in the learning process for how to do and perfect logo design; experimenting on your own gives you the opportunity to perfect exactly what works and figure out how you can best fit a customer’s needs with your respective skills and abilities. By experimenting as you learn, you not only take chances on yourself, but learn which strengths you can showcase for clients.

Compensate Your Friends For Experience
Your friends are great assets to have when it comes to gaining experiencing and learning in professional logo design. You can comp them free logos, or ones at greatly reduced rates, in exchange for being able to practice on them and work on their logos to improve your skills. Ask them for honest feedback, too, as you learn what worked, what didn’t work, and how you can improve your talents as you go forward.

Perfect It As You Go
Finally, you must understand that logo design and graphic illustrating are never ending processes that constantly must be improved. Your learning as a freelancer never stops at any point, and you never become “just good enough.” Instead, you must constantly be willing to learn, push the boundaries, and improve yourself and your professional logo design skills every day.

The world of logo design is fun and challenging. Make sure that as you go along you make the effort and take the time to learn about design theories, new design software, and other design necessities that will keep you at the top of your game and at the top of business’s lists for freelance logo design jobs. This will also amount to great feedback and referrals that will keep you working consistently for years to come with as many logo design jobs as you can handle.