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How Ceative Designs Are Traded Through Witmart

May 15, 2013

With a global base of creative Providers, Witmart is changing the way people work.

What does it take to turn a popular news column into a TV program?

WikiHow outlines seven steps for anyone who wants to produce a TV program, but for Mr. George Lee, author of the monthly George’s Corner in the Southern Chinese Daily News, it took just three steps.

Step One: Start Looking For Creative Talent
George Lee is the current CEO of MetroCorp. Despite having acted as CEO, CFO, COO and Director for various companies and organizations, when it comes to TV program production, he knew that he couldn’t do it alone. There were just so many things to be done, one of which was coming up with a logo for the TV program. Designing a logo isn’t an easy job: it has to include the program’s name, reflect the spirit of the program, as well as be original and uniquely recognizable.

Not an expert in logo design, George knew that he had to get outside help. The place that he turned to was Witmart, one of the largest and fastest growing crowdsourcing platforms.

George posted a job on Witmart, asking for logo design for the TV program. He gave a brief description of the program’s content, and hoped that someone would be creative enough to come up with a design that he liked. That was Step One.

Step Two: Wait To Be Overwhelmed By Responses
When George posted the job, he wasn’t really expecting a lot of bids, because logo design is hard work. He was pleasantly surprised, then, when he found out that his job posting had generated a great deal of interest: there were over 4,000 views for this single job. But still, it took time for anyone, no matter how talented, to come up with an original and eye-catching design, so George waited. That was Step Two.

Step Three: Pick the Best Design and Pay
Within days of the posting, George was flooded with bids, all vying for his attention. He had an enjoyable time looking through all the designs but had a really hard time picking just one as the winner. In the end, he had to make a decision and selected one design as the successful bid. That was Step Three.

And guess how much he paid for getting such an amazing logo? 200 dollars. If he were to hire a designer, the hourly wage would be around 20 dollars and it could take days, if not weeks, for the designer to come up with something that George really liked.

George’s TV program got to a wonderful start. As Vincent Van Gogh put it, great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together. For George’s TV program, one of the significant small parts was the logo, and he made a wise decision to make use of Witmart for a novel design.

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