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Why You Should Outsource

May 15, 2013

As a start-up small business or entrepreneur, it’s not unusual to want to control as many duties as you can in-house, divvying out work among your small team of competent workers or, in some cases, yourself. This approach can be successful at the start, working long hours to finish up tasks and staying committed to seeing them through. As your business grows, you may find it harder to stay as versatile, and the potential to becoming buried under an avalanche of work that would be better suited for someone with appropriate skills becomes a reality. In many cases, business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for a way to balance the workload. At this point, outsourcing some of the work becomes the logical answer. Some of the advantages of outsourcing work are as follows:

Don’t Lose Your Day on Small Tasks
When you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t afford additional full-time employees, outsourcing clearly comes into focus. Hire a part-time outsourcing agent to assist with tasks that are eating away at your time. Pass on data entry, bookkeeping, spreadsheet tracking, and other virtual assistant duties to an outsourcing firm that can perform these skills, many times, while you are sleeping.

Focus Yourself On The Priorities
Don’t get burned out doing tasks that are not in your area of expertise. While important to the foundation of your business, performing jobs that take you away from the reasons you choose to form a business will slowly eat away at your passion and strength to continue. Are you a home builder constantly adding content to your website? Are you a dentist tweaking your logo design to find the right expression? The key is to focus on what you do best and “forget the rest”. Employ freelancers to assist with tasks that aren’t in your forte.

Replication Can Be Taught
Tired of the same menial tasks performed day in and day out? Look to outsource them. When you’ve nailed down a process that can be taught to an individual to complete for you, you’ve saved yourself a chunk of time to be used for other important parts of your business, like sales leads and networking. If you’re a landscaper who adds pictures and images to your website each day, give that job role to an outsourcing assistant who can absorb your role.

Don’t Lose Potential Revenue
Say you’re an expert in translation services and an old client comes to you for a large job designing logos for a new business he’s starting. He wants you to be the point person for him. The easy answer is ‘No’, considering you don’t know a thing about translation services. However, the smarter answer is ‘Yes’. Talented logo designers can be found all across the globe, and instead of disappointing an old client, look to outsource his work to a true expert and share in the revenue.

Outsourcing trivial duties, jobs that fall outside your area of expertise, and tasks that are easily replicated make sense when you’re trying to build your company up to solid footing. Businesses can save a good deal of money by using freelancers rather than hiring full time employees and will result in a fewer headaches and shorter hours for you and your staff.

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