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Witmart & Metro Bank A Partnership Made For Each Other

May 15, 2013

In the last quarter of 2011 Metro Bank, in partnership with Witmart, ran a competition to discover new writing talent within the teenage community. The age range was set between 13 and 18 years of age, and was open to teenagers from English speaking communities as well as competitors from Witmart’s sister site based in China. Metro Bank have developed a close working relationship with Witmart and used the expertise of providers to advertise the competition, not only within their own site, but also on Witmart’s site. However it was when the competition was coming to a close that Metro Bank really called upon the services of some of the top providers in Witmart.

The competition was an essay writing contest entitled “Parents” and entrants had to write about how big the influence of parents were in their life. Such was the standard of entries that Metro Bank decided to compile a book of the winning entries with images that would be presented to each of the winning competitors. To get the best possible providers Metro Bank ran three competitions, One for compiling the book, One for providing the images to be used within the book and one for designing the cover of the book. “This is a way of being able to reward innovative ideas” said the organizer of the competition.

Two of the competitions did not produce the results Metro Bank were looking for, so in line with Witmarts rules of time extension, the Prize was increased and providers were invited to participate in the competition. “We felt that the original entries did not quite match our criteria for the age group”, the Metro Bank representative stated, he went on “by being able to extend the closing date we were able to find the right providers to complete the book”. In addition to the book compilation competitions, Metro Bank also ran two further competitions, for providers to design an exceptional certificate that the essay winners could display with pride, and make a short PowerPoint presentation listing the winners of the competitions from English and Chinese entrants but with the provision that there had to be Chinese translation on parts of the presentation.

Metro Bank competition organizer said “we cannot thank Witmart enough for the professional way they, and their providers, helped make this competition so successful”. Metro Bank announced the results of the essay competition in January 2012 and they are now busy planning the next competition of course with Witmarts valuable assistance.

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