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How Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Power of a Crowd

May 29, 2013

Interested in receiving feedback on a beta version of a video game? Need to tag and categorize thousands of pictures for a new online shopping site you’ve built? Want a new logo design for your up and coming business? The common theme in these examples is the need for help with simple tasks. By harnessing the power of crowds, you can receive a monumental amount of feedback and help from groups of people to achieve your goal.

Crowdsourcing is a way of bringing in mass intelligence to solve problems at an affordable price. Instead of choosing an individual to perform the duties, hiring people with a sufficient amount of time and knowledge can help get your work done quickly and efficiently. The tasks once thought to be cumbersome and overwhelming can now be handed off to a crowd to help you meet your end goal with ease and satisfaction.

There are plenty of suitable providers throughout the world that can assist you with your task. Imagine the power of having multiple people all working separately, but in conjunction, to help you achieve your goal. You can narrow down your search to expert providers that are knowledgeable about your task. For example, many websites are looking to utilize translation services to translate websites into different languages. Individuals with expert translation skills in a particular language can become a part of this effort.

The cost to crowdsource is significantly less than hiring a team of professionals to take on the job. In addition, you won’t need to go search long and hard to find crowdsourcers willing to work for you at any time for a reasonable wage. You’ll identify providers with a number of years of experience that can handle your task flawlessly at cut rate costs compared to what you’ll pay a professional firm. All that is requested is an appropriate and fair amount of time to complete the project.

Using a crowd to handle special needs is becoming largely popular across the globe. Crowdsourcing is making lives easier for businesses looking for suitable and expert providers with years of experience willing to take on simple but tedious tasks for a fraction of what it would cost a professional firm to do.

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