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Why Using Freelancers For Article Writing Services Is Better Than The Alternative

May 29, 2013

No matter what type of website you have, posting content about your brand is an absolute as you attempt to generate loyal (and revenue-producing) customers to appreciate what you are promoting, selling, or talking about. The far likeliest path that website and small business owners take is handling the writing in-house and posting the content through the means of their best writer(s).

However, this approach doesn’t always have the well-intended result desired. If writing is not the main job role for any one individual, then he or she may get burned out or ask to be reassigned to their main duties. If adding content, whether it be blog posts, press releases, sales pages, Ebooks, social media updates, etc, does not suit anyone within your small business, it may be wise to look towards outsourcing the work and let dedicated freelancers fill the role as an independent contractor. The bottom line is they end up being cheaper than bringing on a full-time employee, and they can be counted on whenever the need arises.

While the end result is clear, the challenging part involves finding the right freelancer to fill your writing service needs. Posting a job for article writing involves making sure you explain all the details of the job and what you expect from the provider. There are a variety of ways to improve your chances of finding one that will fill the role better than you imagined and keep them writing, happy and motivated.

See Previous Writing Samples
Any freelancer can talk a good game, claiming they have all the skills necessary to handle your article writing needs. However, what separate the top writers are examples of writing accomplishments in the past. Many authors will include a link to other blogs they write for or a website they own that documents their writing efforts. Peruse their personal content to see if their writing is proficient, expressive, and would result in being asset to your business.

Find Writers In Your Particular Industry
In your ad, specifically indicate you are looking for content providers who are experienced in your line of work and have prior knowledge of your industry. There are thousands of good writers out there, but if none of them know a thing about exactly what it is that drives your business, then expect them to be fairly worthless to you as a writer.

Ask For Samples
When you’ve weeded through the inexperienced and unhelpful providers and have narrowed your choices down to a handful of possibilities, feel free to ask the chosen few for a sample of a topic of your choice. Challenge them with a topic about your business, but be sure to request the word count to be small, usually fewer than 250 characters. You don’t want to irritate a perfectly good provider who doesn’t want to write a 750-word article for free. Once completed, determine if their writing style matches up with what you are trying to express. Do they have the knowledge of your industry? Does any one in particular have a presence that sets him or her apart?

Tip: Weeding Out The Pretenders
Freelancers bid on posted jobs all day, everyday, and usually copy and paste a pre-built response to every job, no matter the instructions. To make sure your job is read and understood, ask the provider to solve a math problem or write a generic sentence about puppies just to ensure your post has been taken seriously. This will help you eliminate individuals automatically if they haven’t followed your instructions.

Take the smart and budget friendly approach when content needs have become too large of a burden for you or your organization. Talented freelancers with a history in your field are available at your request, making your decision to outsource a brilliant one indeed.

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