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Finding Help When You Didn’t Think You Could

June 2, 2013

With over a billion people living on Earth today, can you imagine the total number of problems people need help with throughout their everyday lives and in the workplace? Need someone to design a logo for you? How about helping translate a document from Chinese to English? Fortunately, these problems have solutions because there are freelancers that specialize in logo design and translation services and can immediately step up and provide you with a solution. However, what if your problem is uncommon and you aren’t sure there is a specific freelancer that has the type of niche specialty you desire?

Freelancers have a wide range of skills that go beyond what they typically provide on a regular basis to employers. Additionally, most are willing to gain experience on topics that are new to them by dedicating themselves to research and putting forth their best effort to complete a job. Employers love this approach because it does not put them in an exhausting position of finding a new freelancer each time they have a new task at hand.

Take, for example, this rare need for Joanna. Joanna needs a playable MP3 file complete with audio birthday greetings using specific languages such as American English with a Texas drawl, Oxford English, English with a Long Island accent and more. She also wants to have the English translation at the end of the file. It’s a very unique need from a provider and she’s wondering if anyone has these special skills to complete the job. Upon scanning freelance sites, she wasn’t able to find a category that fit her request. However, she was determined to secure this fun 21st birthday gift for a friend and would stop at nothing to get the task completed.

With thousands and thousands of freelancers available at a moment’s notice, Joanna was pleasantly surprised to see many bids on her contest job posting. Some freelancers sent her custom birthday greetings within hours of the job being posted and exactly in the format and language she required. To say she was thrilled is an understatement. She next had the unfortunate task of picking the right provider since she received over 30 excellent responses to her job posting. In the end, she couldn’t settle on just one and ended up using 5 different providers to send her overseas friend a number of fun and exciting audio files wishing her the greatest 21st birthday wish possible.

Employers have no reason to be worried about freelancers not being able to solve a problem they have. Even a problem you consider to be odd by nature always has a willing freelancer to fill in the gaps you didn’t think existed. Freelancers, by nature, are incredibly helpful and dedicate themselves to meet your exact needs each and every time, no matter how strange or difficult you think the job may be.

39 year old Fairfield-born Harley hobbies and interests includes web design, collectibles, stamp collecting. He’s interested in exploring different places and nations around the world like Leoben,Austria.

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