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Logo Design 101

June 2, 2013

Logo design is a skill that requires a combination of qualities brought together to form a trademark meant to last. Logo designs are challenging and can take numerous attempts to please an employer as well as yourself. While time consuming to create, the job of a logo design is to make an immediate impact at first glance, symbolizing the brand and identity of a business. Freelancers with experience in logo design must always remember to stay true to standard guidelines that make up a successful logo.

The bigger and more powerful the business, the more radiant you feel the logo should be, but that really isn’t the case. Paring the logo down to a simple and straightforward design is much better than dressing it up with too much flash and substance. Designs should be scalable across industries in colors and in size. Avoid over-analyzing a design.

Take into consideration the intentions and goals of the business and create a design that is appropriate to meet those needs. Logos aimed at toys and games should be brighter and child-friendly, while a professional business looking for a design to help them stand out would not want the same vibrant colors. Know the business’s target audience, and weave that relevance into your design.

Exclusive and Unforgettable
The goal in every logo design is to be as memorable as the Nike swoosh, instantly identifiable and unique. It stands in a class of its own. While this type of exclusivity is hard to duplicate, working to create a design that is new and fresh in its own right should be the approach that every logo designer takes. Make numerous attempts at an aesthetically pleasing design that has an aura of uniqueness.

Try not to waver outside the original intent of the design, both from the employer’s instructions and your background as a designer. Focus on making the design special and achieving a positive grade from an employer who loves the design and appreciates the time spent creating it.

Creating a logo that will withstand the test of time is always a goal of a freelance logo designer. Every logo is touched up and modified over the years for a fresher look, but you never want your design to be dated or out of fashion. Avoid this by avoiding trendy fonts and bubbly imagery that may not stick. Refer back to simplicity and maintaining a straightforward design. The Coca-Cola logo has not changed substantially over the years and is an example of a logo with staying power.

Businesses want logos to act as a representation of their company and what they stand for from a visual sense. Pictures are known to tell a thousand words. Combining the right characteristics to form a logo will help people form a connection with the image and be able to recall the image in the future. Logos are a part of the overall identity of a business that, when done properly, can show off your business respectfully and help garner trust.

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