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5 Steps To Learning Freelance Logo Design

June 7, 2013

Freelancing is hot business across the board right now, and all kinds of industries and sectors are demanding freelance work for a variety of reasons. Freelancers are highly flexible, highly mobile, and perform great work while being able to jump from project to project without much fanfare or employment issues.

As such, in a bad economy, freelancers are in high demand. The graphic design and logo design industries themselves are no different; flexible and hard-working freelancers can find great gigs and work hard to really make a name for themselves in learning and perfecting design. Here’s how to get started.

Get An Education
First step to learning freelance logo design is to get an education. Whether that is some type of apprenticeship with a designer or graphic artist, or a formal education at a school of art or a university, an education is critical when it comes to learning graphic and logo design, and the nuances, themes, and theories behind the designs.

Get The Tools
As a freelance logo designer, you are going to need the proper tools for the job. These days, it comes down to tools like Adobe Illustrator CS6 for graphic design, or for people with a Microsoft program, the CorelDRAW X6. Using these tools isn’t cheap; however, they are great investments in your money and time, and a complete requirement to learning the nuances of design. Plus, you can use these tools to experiment and become better at design in your own right before moving on to professional clients.

Experiment on Your Own
This one is a critical step in the learning process for how to do and perfect logo design; experimenting on your own gives you the opportunity to perfect exactly what works and figure out how you can best fit a customer’s needs with your respective skills and abilities. By experimenting as you learn, you not only take chances on yourself, but learn which strengths you can showcase for clients.

Compensate Your Friends For Experience
Your friends are great assets to have when it comes to gaining experiencing and learning in professional logo design. You can comp them free logos, or ones at greatly reduced rates, in exchange for being able to practice on them and work on their logos to improve your skills. Ask them for honest feedback, too, as you learn what worked, what didn’t work, and how you can improve your talents as you go forward.

Perfect It As You Go
Finally, you must understand that logo design and graphic illustrating are never ending processes that constantly must be improved. Your learning as a freelancer never stops at any point, and you never become “just good enough.” Instead, you must constantly be willing to learn, push the boundaries, and improve yourself and your professional logo design skills every day.

The world of logo design is fun and challenging. Make sure that as you go along you make the effort and take the time to learn about design theories, new design software, and other design necessities that will keep you at the top of your game and at the top of business’s lists for freelance logo design jobs. This will also amount to great feedback and referrals that will keep you working consistently for years to come with as many logo design jobs as you can handle.

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