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Is It Time To Redesign Your Business Logo?

June 7, 2013

Wherever you choose to go on your daily routine, you are sure to be bombarded with advertising messages from companies trying to tempt you with their sweet products or services. With so many different messages flashed in front of your face, many of which are advertising a variant of something else you saw two minutes before, it can become all too easy to get confused. An advertising jingle or slogan might stick in your head, but more often than not, you forget who it was that placed it there. That is where the business logo comes in to play, as they are far easier to remember than anything else. Mention a slogan and people will rack their brains trying to remember who it belongs to, but show them a logo and the name will come right to mind.

Modifying Your Logo to Match Current Times

There is a great deal of time and thought put into choosing the right logo for your business, but that doesn’t mean that it’s one that will necessarily last forever. Major corporations are constantly tweaking or changing their logo’s, often times to go with a sleeker look, or something that will appeal to a new customer demographic. Some changes are subtle, while others are a complete overhaul, but the fact that these major corporations change their business logos should tell you that it might be time to look at your own.

A good time to start thinking about redesigning your logo is if you have changed the service that you provide in one way or another. You have to look objectively at your current logo design and ask if it represents what it is you are offering potential customers. For example, you may have a beautiful, stylish logo designed for your landscaping company, but if it doesn’t contain an image that is somehow related to the industry you are in, then it might be time for a modification or complete change. If a customer looks at your logo and cannot quickly figure out what product or service you are providing, think about updating it.

This is even true for companies that have been in business for years. You have to evolve with the times so as not to keep people in the dark. If you are in the computer repair business and your logo contains an old style of computer that no longer exists, you really have to update to something more modern. People might still recognize what it is you are offering, but the old style logo might lead them to believe that you won’t be able to effectively repair their brand new, ultra-modern laptop.

As mentioned earlier, making changes to your logo doesn’t have to mean completely scrapping the old version. You might stick with the same image but update the font to something more modern, or vice versa. If you are unsure of where to start, take some time to look at how major corporations have updated their logos over the years. That should help you see how you might be able to change your business logo design so that it always appears current.

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