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Behind the scenes: Love letters to be made into short films

June 28, 2013

(17th June 2013, Beijing time) Less than one out of ten people worldwide writes, or has written, love letters nowadays. This trend is broken by a love letter competition jointly organised by Witmart Group, the Tourism Board of Pengshui County, Chongqing, Time Fragments New Media Co., HKSTV, Chongqing Evening Paper, and the City Paper. More than 1,100 love letters, sent from Europe, America, and Asia, were collected within two weeks of the commencement of the competition. According to sources inside Witmart Group, this love letter competition has not only attracted the attention of the netizens, but also captured the interest of several media companies, including Time Fragments New Media Co.

Mr Zhenquan Hou, Vice President of Time Fragments New Media Co, is quoted as saying that the company’s Board of Directors are impressed by the behind-the-scene stories that led to the creation of those love letters, some of which are considered to be potential candidates for short films. The company has decided that six love letters and the stories behind them will be made into short films.

New media drama, the Board of Beauties, introduced by Time Fragments New Media in 2011, received more than 20 million views online and has garnered critical acclaim from the media industry as well as from the viewers. In 2011, Time Fragments New Media collaborated with Witmart Group to introduce the first Chinese interactive drama about Witkeys,Go Girl!.
Time Fragments New Media is seeking collaboration with Witmart Group again to produce a series of short films based on the love letters collected from the competition, with a focus on the stories behind those letters. The film-shooting will take place at Pengshui Autonomous County, widely acclaimed as the Healing Place for Love.

Pengshui County is located at the downstream of Wu River in southwest China. Among its tourist attractions are the Ayi River, Mowei Mountain, Anzi Hmong Village, and Yushan Old Town. Contestants who submit love letters to this competition stand a chance to win 100,000 yuan (USD 16,000), in addition to the opportunity of having their love stories turned into short films. This competition ends on 10th July 2014. Anyone interested in taking part in this competition can submit their Chinese love letters to or non-Chinese love letters to

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