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Paying for high quality content through an article writing service

July 22, 2013

Across all walks of life the idea of throwing as few dollars as possible at a job or service to solve your issue has been contemplated. You cross your fingers and hope you will be fortunate enough to have everything work out in your favor. Truth is, sometimes it does but more times than not if you continue paying with pennies instead dollars, the percentages will not be on your side. This logic holds true for creating your very own website and purchasing content through article writing services. There’s the notion that some of the content you order using a cheap content provider will work out if you’re lucky enough to rope in a half decent writer. But in the grand scheme, it’s only a matter of time before you become disappointed in the work being delivered and realize it’s time to step up to the next level.

Building a Website
To build an engaging blog or website, the number one factor behind the success is the content. You’ve heard the term ‘content is king’. This couldn’t be more true. When you’re posting your content online, envision the first impression you’re making on your community of readers. First impressions are important and the ability to blow them away with off-the-charts content is what will keep them on your site, commit to your content through your RSS feed, or bookmark your site for future reference.

On the flip side, poor content is a dead giveaway and will kill your audience before they have a chance to navigate further throughout your site. Even if you have great content elsewhere, don’t let a smidge of poor content appear anywhere on your site, as readers will disassociate from your site and never return. Engage, engage, engage.

How to Identify Poor Writers

Identifying poor writing skills is fairly simple. If you take a risk on a low cost article writing service, chances are the writing will be shoddy and need major editing.

Major signs include:
– sentences that are incomplete, choppy, or non-sensical.
– run-on sentences and misspelled words
– obvious language barriers commonly seen from writers in countries without a good grasp of the American vocabulary
– receiving content that doesn’t accurately describe the topic you requested and is rushed
– instructions that are not followed, including keyword inclusion and density

How to Find Good Writers

The key is to not fall into the trap of disrespecting the readers of your site by hoping cheap content mills will win over your audience. Finding good writers is not hard, but will cost you more. However, your audience will love you for it and eventually your outsourcing costs will be negated with revenue made from your blog or website. Keep in mind, paying more per article will not guarantee you success, but will certainly give you a better chance of getting high quality work that you deserve.

The top ways to find good writers include:
– getting referrals from other successful website owners
– looking for fresh writers on a freelance services marketplace website
– searching the internet for reliable content providers and ones that will guarantee their work to your satisfaction
– placing an order on a popular crowdsourcing website and small samples of a topic sent to you for approval

You want your website to represent you as a person. You may not have the skills to write top notch content for your website and that is why there are established article writing services out there to assist you when needed. Be sure to build your website with the first impression being the number one priority of yours. Weed through the poor content providers and find the perfect writer that will bring out the words that you desperately want your audience to hear. You’ll know it when you see it and the life will be easier for it.

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