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Why You Should Outsource

As a start-up small business or entrepreneur, it’s not unusual to want to control as many duties as you can in-house, divvying out work among your small team of competent workers or, in some cases, yourself. This approach can be successful at the start, working long hours to finish up tasks and staying committed to seeing them through. As your business grows, you may find it harder to stay as versatile, and the potential to becoming buried under an avalanche of work that would be better suited for someone with appropriate skills becomes a reality. In many cases, business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for a way to balance the workload. At this point, outsourcing some of the work becomes the logical answer. Some of the advantages of outsourcing work are as follows:

Don’t Lose Your Day on Small Tasks
When you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t afford additional full-time employees, outsourcing clearly comes into focus. Hire a part-time outsourcing agent to assist with tasks that are eating away at your time. Pass on data entry, bookkeeping, spreadsheet tracking, and other virtual assistant duties to an outsourcing firm that can perform these skills, many times, while you are sleeping.

Focus Yourself On The Priorities
Don’t get burned out doing tasks that are not in your area of expertise. While important to the foundation of your business, performing jobs that take you away from the reasons you choose to form a business will slowly eat away at your passion and strength to continue. Are you a home builder constantly adding content to your website? Are you a dentist tweaking your logo design to find the right expression? The key is to focus on what you do best and “forget the rest”. Employ freelancers to assist with tasks that aren’t in your forte.

Replication Can Be Taught
Tired of the same menial tasks performed day in and day out? Look to outsource them. When you’ve nailed down a process that can be taught to an individual to complete for you, you’ve saved yourself a chunk of time to be used for other important parts of your business, like sales leads and networking. If you’re a landscaper who adds pictures and images to your website each day, give that job role to an outsourcing assistant who can absorb your role.

Don’t Lose Potential Revenue
Say you’re an expert in translation services and an old client comes to you for a large job designing logos for a new business he’s starting. He wants you to be the point person for him. The easy answer is ‘No’, considering you don’t know a thing about translation services. However, the smarter answer is ‘Yes’. Talented logo designers can be found all across the globe, and instead of disappointing an old client, look to outsource his work to a true expert and share in the revenue.

Outsourcing trivial duties, jobs that fall outside your area of expertise, and tasks that are easily replicated make sense when you’re trying to build your company up to solid footing. Businesses can save a good deal of money by using freelancers rather than hiring full time employees and will result in a fewer headaches and shorter hours for you and your staff.

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39 year old Fairfield-born Harley hobbies and interests includes web design, collectibles, stamp collecting. He’s interested in exploring different places and nations around the world like Leoben,Austria.
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How Ceative Designs Are Traded Through Witmart

With a global base of creative Providers, Witmart is changing the way people work.

What does it take to turn a popular news column into a TV program?

WikiHow outlines seven steps for anyone who wants to produce a TV program, but for Mr. George Lee, author of the monthly George’s Corner in the Southern Chinese Daily News, it took just three steps.

Step One: Start Looking For Creative Talent
George Lee is the current CEO of MetroCorp. Despite having acted as CEO, CFO, COO and Director for various companies and organizations, when it comes to TV program production, he knew that he couldn’t do it alone. There were just so many things to be done, one of which was coming up with a logo for the TV program. Designing a logo isn’t an easy job: it has to include the program’s name, reflect the spirit of the program, as well as be original and uniquely recognizable.

Not an expert in logo design, George knew that he had to get outside help. The place that he turned to was Witmart, one of the largest and fastest growing crowdsourcing platforms.

George posted a job on Witmart, asking for logo design for the TV program. He gave a brief description of the program’s content, and hoped that someone would be creative enough to come up with a design that he liked. That was Step One.

Step Two: Wait To Be Overwhelmed By Responses
When George posted the job, he wasn’t really expecting a lot of bids, because logo design is hard work. He was pleasantly surprised, then, when he found out that his job posting had generated a great deal of interest: there were over 4,000 views for this single job. But still, it took time for anyone, no matter how talented, to come up with an original and eye-catching design, so George waited. That was Step Two.

Step Three: Pick the Best Design and Pay
Within days of the posting, George was flooded with bids, all vying for his attention. He had an enjoyable time looking through all the designs but had a really hard time picking just one as the winner. In the end, he had to make a decision and selected one design as the successful bid. That was Step Three.

And guess how much he paid for getting such an amazing logo? 200 dollars. If he were to hire a designer, the hourly wage would be around 20 dollars and it could take days, if not weeks, for the designer to come up with something that George really liked.

George’s TV program got to a wonderful start. As Vincent Van Gogh put it, great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together. For George’s TV program, one of the significant small parts was the logo, and he made a wise decision to make use of Witmart for a novel design.

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39 year old Fairfield-born Harley hobbies and interests includes web design, collectibles, stamp collecting. He’s interested in exploring different places and nations around the world like Leoben,Austria.
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Witmart & Metro Bank A Partnership Made For Each Other

In the last quarter of 2011 Metro Bank, in partnership with Witmart, ran a competition to discover new writing talent within the teenage community. The age range was set between 13 and 18 years of age, and was open to teenagers from English speaking communities as well as competitors from Witmart’s sister site based in China. Metro Bank have developed a close working relationship with Witmart and used the expertise of providers to advertise the competition, not only within their own site, but also on Witmart’s site. However it was when the competition was coming to a close that Metro Bank really called upon the services of some of the top providers in Witmart.

The competition was an essay writing contest entitled “Parents” and entrants had to write about how big the influence of parents were in their life. Such was the standard of entries that Metro Bank decided to compile a book of the winning entries with images that would be presented to each of the winning competitors. To get the best possible providers Metro Bank ran three competitions, One for compiling the book, One for providing the images to be used within the book and one for designing the cover of the book. “This is a way of being able to reward innovative ideas” said the organizer of the competition.

Two of the competitions did not produce the results Metro Bank were looking for, so in line with Witmarts rules of time extension, the Prize was increased and providers were invited to participate in the competition. “We felt that the original entries did not quite match our criteria for the age group”, the Metro Bank representative stated, he went on “by being able to extend the closing date we were able to find the right providers to complete the book”. In addition to the book compilation competitions, Metro Bank also ran two further competitions, for providers to design an exceptional certificate that the essay winners could display with pride, and make a short PowerPoint presentation listing the winners of the competitions from English and Chinese entrants but with the provision that there had to be Chinese translation on parts of the presentation.

Metro Bank competition organizer said “we cannot thank Witmart enough for the professional way they, and their providers, helped make this competition so successful”. Metro Bank announced the results of the essay competition in January 2012 and they are now busy planning the next competition of course with Witmarts valuable assistance.

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39 year old Fairfield-born Harley hobbies and interests includes web design, collectibles, stamp collecting. He’s interested in exploring different places and nations around the world like Leoben,Austria.
From: logo design online